Hair Happiness has four leaves.
Each Leaf has a meaning.

Four leaves come together and make happiness. Happiness for everyone.


We help make your hair healthy


We care about excellent service


We give you assurance in our abilities


We hope to gain your trust in us

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Hello🍀 Our manager Kei gave me TSUJIRI’s matcha sundae🍵😍 Of course I knew TSUJIRI but I’ve never tried it😆ItvwS totally Japanese taste🌸🥺 I feel like going to back to Japan ♨️😌🇯🇵 我らハピネスマネージャーのKeiさんからTSUJIRIの抹茶サンデーを頂きました😍💓白玉と抹茶のコンビが最高でした〜🥰皆様も是非😍🍀  

Hello🍀 I went to Bloue mountain 2weeks ago 😇♨️ It’s first time for me to visit there!😊 I haven’t taken a bath for a long time so I was very excited 😍 I also went to the Brewery and some restaurants 🤤💓I…

I was taken to Latin inspired restaurant called Baro 🥳 We had ceviche, tacos, guacamole and giant steak! 🥩 I was almost full before we started having steak but meat was very tender and so delicious ♥️ I had a good…