Hair Happiness has four leaves.
Each Leaf has a meaning.

Four leaves come together and make happiness. Happiness for everyone.


We help make your hair healthy


We care about excellent service


We give you assurance in our abilities


We hope to gain your trust in us

Recent news

Recently I had been working on DIY project to make a macrame wall hanging 🙂 I wanted to have one by the window in my living room🌿 Total I spent 3days ✌️ Winter here is long, I spend more time…

Hell everyone! I went to Ryerson University to watch basketball 🏀 It was first time for me and of course excited! I have never seen dunk shoot which was impressive 🥺✨🏀 I’m going to watch NBA next year 😍 I can’t…

We went to our neighbor’s restaurant, Mapo Gamjatang after work. It was yummy 😋 My colleague Asuke showed us his skill to make rice balls 🍙 (The restaurant staff provides us disposable gloves to make our own♪ which is so fun!) I…