May 4th 🛸✨Kei

It’s Star Wars Day !!

I decorated the salon shelves with tiny figures😆

My favourite one is Yoda 💛 not in here.

Because my dog looks alike him… maybe?

What’s your plan tonight?

Maybe you’ll watch Star Wars?? 😆

Have a great weekend 🎶




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Four Chords and a Gun 🎸🎤 Kei

I went to watch the musical last week.

The story was about the Ramones and their producer 🥺🎶

I still was a baby when they started to blow up back in 80’s.

Whenever I hear “Hey Ho, Lets Go!”, it reminds me of my high school time though ☺️  because my friends were playing this song at their live event! 🕺🎸

There was a live performance after the musical! That was fun 😄

Do you have any music bringing you back good memories? 🎶



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May schedule🍀Shepppard salon


Here is our schedule in May at Sheppard Salon🍀😌


✂️ 5/7,14,21,28(Tue) →  Kei (Senior stylist), Asuke (Senior stylist) and Neiro (Stylist Level 1)

✂️5/3,10,17,24,31(Fri),  5/4,11,18,25(Sat) → Shoko (Stylist Level 2)

✂️every Wednesdays And Thursdays → Shoko works at Wellesley salon

✂️every Saturdays (From 10:00am to 6:00pm)

Please keep in mind when you book with us

Hope to see you all soon🥰💓

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Our manager Kei gave me TSUJIRI’s matcha sundae🍵😍

Of course I knew TSUJIRI but I’ve never tried it😆ItvwS totally Japanese taste🌸🥺 I feel like going to back to Japan ♨️😌🇯🇵



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Blue Mountain 🏔♨️SHOKO


I went to Bloue mountain 2weeks ago 😇♨️ It’s first time for me to visit there!😊 I haven’t taken a bath for a long time so I was very excited 😍

I also went to the Brewery and some restaurants 🤤💓I was having beer and some foods.

Do you have any plans during Spring and Summer? 🌸💁🏻‍♂️✨💁🏻‍♀️☀️


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