I went to Asian Gelato shop Kekou in Baldwin Village.  It sounds like my nickname ケコ😆

They have so many interesting flavors ♡

I chose Rum+ Condensed Milk and Vietnamese Coffee, they were so good ❗️

I was curious about getting Rosewater Pistachio but it was sold out 👀💦

I will try next time 🙂



先日Baldwin Village にある ジェラート屋さん Kekouに行ってきました。 私のニックネーム、ケコに似てて親近感😆

美味しそうなアジアンフレーバーがいっぱいです ♡


ローズウォーターピスタチオも気になったのですが売り切れでした👀💦 次回チャレンジ 🙂

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Outdoor Movie ⛺️ Kei

Last week on Wednesday, there was an event to watch “Goonies” in Riverdale Park 🙂 It was like picnic plus watching a movie in the dark, it was fun 👀✨ Only the thing irritated me was there were so many mosquitoes at night 😱💦 need to bring mosquito repellents next time.

先週の水曜日は、Riverdale Parkで野外映画のイベントがあって「Goonies」を見ました🙂 暗闇でのピクニック+映画鑑賞みたいな感じで楽しかったです👀✨ 1つ気になったのが、夜なので蚊がたくさんいて😱💦 次は蚊除けスプレー持参します(笑)



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I was in Boston for 2days🚀 didn’t forget to eat lobster roll & chowder✌🏼 walked around beatiful city and saw some famous school  campus there too👀✨ Harvard and MIT🙏🏻✨

Last day of our stay in Boston, we went to watch a baseball game at Fenway Park⚾️ Our home team Blue Jays won the game over Redsox💙👏🏼

It was a really quick trip and maybe not enough to explore the whole city but I had great time there😉

ボストンに2日間行ってきました🚀 ロブスターロールとクラムチャウダーから始まり✌🏼綺麗な街を歩き回ったり、名門大学のキャンパス巡りをしました 👀✨ハーバード大学とマサチューセッツ工科大学を見てきましたよ🙏🏻✨

最終日の夜は、フェンウェイパークでトロントブルージェイズとボストンレッドソックスの試合観戦に⚾️ ブルージェイズの勝利でした 💙👏🏼



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Cobourg Beach🏖🏖takako

Torontoから車で一時間ちょっと🚗💨同じくLake Ontarioなのに、Torontoで見る湖とは透明感が違い過ぎてびっくり😂😂今年の夏は肌寒い日が多い気がしますが、まだまだCanadaのBeachを満喫したいと思います✌️💖🏖💕

Beginning of July, I got long weekend and I really enjoyed it🇨🇦✨ I went to Cobourg Beach for the first time🏖🏖 One hour and half drive from Toronto, but water of the lake is definitely clearer than Toronto😳✨ I’m gonna enjoy summer😎💕

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Lunch 🍲 Kei

今日のお昼は手作りポトフでした😆 日本の実家からお料理だしが届いて、いろいろ作ってみてます✌🏼今日は野菜だし使ってみました🌱 地元福岡の「茅の舎」さんのだしのおかげで海外生活も全くホームシックにならないです(笑)  週末はボストンにお出かけしてまいります⚾️

My lunch today was Pot-au-feu 😆 My parents sent me varieties of Dashi from my hometown Fukuoka. It tastes so good and spoils me so much without getting homesick lol

I will be heading to Boston this weekend ⚾️



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Tuesday movie🎬Asuke

Hello this is ASUKE,
As you know,you can watch a movie at a half price on every Tuesday in Toronto.
I usually go to movie theater almost every Tuesday and I felt that new film is continuously comes out every week.
Can’t watch everything but I will try to watch a movie as much as I can.
What type of movie do you like?




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PEC 🚙✨ Kei

先週末は3連休だったのでPrince Edward Countyに小旅行に行ってきました🙂 外で料理したり🍳、ワイナリーに行ったり🍷、ビーチでのんびりしたり⛵️、ゆっくりできました。田舎町には歩く亀もいて🐢 (とてもゆっくり笑) 自然がいっぱいのカナダの夏はいいですね✌🏼

We had 3days off last weekend for Canada Day so planned a mini vacation in PEC 🙂 It was fun trying outdoor cooking🍳, went to the wineries🍷 and chilling at the beach⛵️ I even saw a big turtle walking across the road 🐢 (very slow lol)  Summer in Canada is so good ✌🏼



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🇨🇦Happy Birthday Canada 🇨🇦150th🇨🇦

Hello everyone,

This is Asuke.How was your Canada day long weekend?I went to watch the BlueJays game on the Canada day.It was awesome opening ceremony.I love Canada’s national anthem very much(I’m not able to sing yet lol).

Please tell me your stories when you are in the salon.

I’m looking forward to see you all soon:)









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Pride Parade🏳️‍🌈✨

Hello everyone. This is Kei.

I saw a parade on Sunday. Our prime minister, Justin Trudeau gave me a big smile😃 How lucky I am🍀

During the parade, everyone seemed happy❤️

It’s Canada Day🇨🇦 this coming Saturday!  (We will be closed both Wellesley salon and Sheppard salon🙏🏻) Let’s hope it’ll be good weather☀️


日曜日にプライドパレードを見に行きました。カナダの首相、ジャスティン トルドー氏にビッグスマイル頂きました😃 とてもラッキーです🍀




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