Here is our schedule in January at Sheppard Salon🍀


✂️Jan 1st (Tue) ⛄️Holiday

✂️Jan 2nd (Wed)…Asuke (Senior stylist)

✂️Every Tuesdays… Kei (Senior stylist) Asuke (Senior stylist) Neito (Regular stylist)

✂️Every Fridays and Saturdays… Shoko (Senior stylist)

Shoko works at Hair Happiness Wellesley every Wednesdays and Thursdays 😊

At this time of the year, We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing our service.✨We are very honour to have customer like you and We do appreciate your loyalty🥰

We are looking forward to serve you in the following years😊

Have a wonderful holidays and a great year! 🎉㊗️😆