Last week on Wednesday, there was an event to watch “Goonies” in Riverdale Park 🙂 It was like picnic plus watching a movie in the dark, it was fun 👀✨ Only the thing irritated me was there were so many mosquitoes at night 😱💦 need to bring mosquito repellents next time.

先週の水曜日は、Riverdale Parkで野外映画のイベントがあって「Goonies」を見ました🙂 暗闇でのピクニック+映画鑑賞みたいな感じで楽しかったです👀✨ 1つ気になったのが、夜なので蚊がたくさんいて😱💦 次は蚊除けスプレー持参します(笑)