Updated our September’s schedule😊

Asuke will start working at Atelier May from Wednesday to Saturday. He is here only every Tuesday🍀

Second and forth Saturday, 9th and 23rd, we will be open from 10:00am to 6:30pm.

I’m keep working here☺️❤️ And new girl comes from Japan…😍😍 I can’t wait to introduce her to everyone😆💜


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Tujiri came last week!!😆 And finally I went there yesterday✌️💕When I looked into Tujiri the other day, there were busy so I gave up😂 It was nice timing yesterday💚 It is more spacious inside than Downtown’s one🍵 I tried Yuzu Tart as well as matcha latte😍❤️

Enjoy Matcha and Hoji-cha😘😘

I’m still offering a special campaign🍀🍀 I’ll give a nice poach includes a shampoo, treatment and leave-in conditioner💖 Please mention of “takako campaign”, when you make an appointment with me🙏💛








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More about ice cream…🍦Kei

Hello everyone🙂 It’s still Summer, I wanna enjoy this weather as much as I can🏃🏻‍♀️✨

Recently I’m trying to go visit different ice cream places every weekend 🎵 My customer gave me a list so I completed ✅  😋

I love ice cream and soft serve ❤️



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Hello! My name is takako.

I worked at our sister salon Tac-TiQ for one and a half years. Then I started working at Hair Happiness Sheppard🍀as a new senior stylist from July🙇‍♀️💕

Starting my new career at Hair Happiness Sheppard salon, I will give a special campaign offer as a greeting👍✨

To new customers, I will give you a nice gift travel pouch, which includes shampoo, treatment and leave-in conditioner👏❤️
It’s pretty nice to carry with you and treat your hair😘😘

It’s only for the first 10 new customers‼️

Please book with takako as soon as possible🙏💕💕

Campaign Condition:
•book with takako
•mention of “takako campaign”
•first 10 new customers only
🍀My introduction🍀
I’m from Tokushima in Japan. It’s one of island to make up Japan.
It’s country side but you can see great nature there! In particular, whirring wave is very nice👍👍

And also, there is a very famous festival of “Awaodori”.
I went to cosmetology school in Tokyo, and I worked at Ginza in Tokyo🗼

I like Hawaii and beaches🏖🏖 and hair make, nails💅✨ and traveling🛫 And recently I’m trying to go to Yoga🙆 I’ve been studying Baseball⚾️ Its rule is too complicated for me😱 and there are a lot of baseball teams in north America!!

I like hair colouring so if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask me👍I will try my best🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

Hope to see you soon😘💚

Hair Happiness Instagram: hairhappinessto

My personal Instagram: tkktkkkm
(introducing my work✌️)



こんにちは、改めまして、takakoです!Torontoに渡航してきて以来、一年と半年、姉妹店のTac-TiQにて勤務しておりましたが、7月よりSenior StylistとしてHair Happiness Sheppard店で働くことになりました🙇‍♀️🍀










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She got very fine highlight😍 She didn’t want to make her hair too much lighter so many fine lines of highlights works very well to make her hair a little lighter and subtle but gorgeous😘✨

We still have some spots for you tomorrow‼️

If you’d like to book, please contact us at 416-688-0779📞

We will be open tomorrow from 12:00pm till 8:00pm👍💕

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🍦Tsujiri🍦 takako

Tsujiri is coming in front of our hair salon😍😍 Tsujiri is very nice green tea cafe✨It’s from Kyoto! ( That’s why I have attached The photo of temple in Kyoto✌️✨lol)  There is Houji tea too. I can’t wait😫😫♥️


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I went to Asian Gelato shop Kekou in Baldwin Village.  It sounds like my nickname ケコ😆

They have so many interesting flavors ♡

I chose Rum+ Condensed Milk and Vietnamese Coffee, they were so good ❗️

I was curious about getting Rosewater Pistachio but it was sold out 👀💦

I will try next time 🙂



先日Baldwin Village にある ジェラート屋さん Kekouに行ってきました。 私のニックネーム、ケコに似てて親近感😆

美味しそうなアジアンフレーバーがいっぱいです ♡


ローズウォーターピスタチオも気になったのですが売り切れでした👀💦 次回チャレンジ 🙂

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