Nice to meet you 💁🏻SHOKO😊

Hi😊Nice to meet you! My name is Shoko. I’m a regular stylist and I started working at Sheppard Salon from January 2018✂️

I came to Toronto 1 year and a half ago from Sapporo, Hokkaido,Japan. My hobbies are cooking and having alcohol😘 and I used to go to Yoga school in Japan so I want to go there in Canada😍 When I came to Toronto, I found Sapporo beer at LCBO. Most of people knows Sapporo beer 🍺✨It was surprise for me!😍 if you like Sapporo beer or seafood, you should go to Hokkaido which is so beautiful~☺️💕However, Sapporo is covered with snow every winter 😱❄️I don’t like winter 😂💦but I love my hometown 😘Sapporo looks like Montreal 🇯🇵🇨🇦✨

This is Sapporo snow festival👇These castles are made by snow.


I’m working at Hair happiness Sheppard every Fridays and Saturdays😇 (🙇🏻‍♀️🇯🇵 I’m going to take a vacation from March 12th to 25th🇯🇵🙇🏻‍♀️) I’m looking forward meeting you! 😍☺️👌🏻






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旅かえる🐸 Kei

最近サロンお客様か教えてもらって始めた携帯のアプリのゲームです🎮 ゲームは全て日本語です。


皆さんもカエル持ってますか? 🐸

This is a mobile game 🎮 One of our customers showed me this app and I just started playing one recently! The game has an only Japanese language option.

I barely spend time for playing game but this is very simple and it doesn’t need much time to be spent, only a minute is fine ✌️🙂

Do you also have a frog in your mobile phone? 🐸



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New Year Party 🎉takako

New Year Party 🎉

How was your long weekend?🤗 Every year, we have company’s new year party in February☺️ Every staffs are gathered from AtelierMay, Hair Happiness and TacTiQ😊🧡 This year, we had it on Family Day🙌✨ This party took place at Kingyo🐟💓 We had a good time with great lunches 🙏🙏 If you never been there, you must try Kingyo!👍⭐️ They have delicious fishes and meats😋😋
By the way, our boss was absence because of cold😷😷 Take care of yourself and wash your hands every one☝️💦

Kingyo Izakaya 金魚


毎年、二月は会社恒例の新年会があります!AtelierMay、Hair HappinessそしてTacTiQの店舗スタッフが全員集まります😊😊

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February Schedule💝Sheppard

Hi🤗 It’s getting colder☃️☃️

Keep warm everyone☺️💦

Here is February Schedule🗓✨
Regular stylist Shoko started working at Hair Happiness Sheppard every Friday and Saturday😊😊 If you would like to have regular stylist, please let us know when booking👐💕

And 2nd and 4th Saturday, 10th and 24th, we are open from 10:00am to 6:00pm🙂
Please keep in mind while booking🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

Hope to see you all😍❤️




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Fukuoka & Tokyo 🍓

Hello, everyone!

I came back from Japan 2weeks ago.

It had a great time with my family and friends 🙂✌🏼

When I was in Japan, strawberries are in season so I had strawberry shortcakes a few times🍓 B1 floor at Deparment Stores in Japan have lots of seasonal pretty cakes🍰

I even had a WHITE strawberry! It was my first experience in my life but I personally like red strawberries better😌 Two famous strawberry brands in my home Fukuoka called Amaou and Toyonoka 🍓 Please try when you are in Japan😋

Strawberries are also photogenic 👀✨ 苺インスタ映え♥️




日本滞在中はちょうど苺のシーズンだったので、大好きな苺のショートケーキを何回か食べました🍓 デパ地下にはかわいい季節のケーキがたくさん並んでました🍰

初めて白い苺も食べました!人生初でしたが(笑) やっぱり日本の赤い苺が好きです😌 福岡で有名な苺のブランドはあまおうととよのかです。機会があればぜひ食べてみて下さい😋 苺は写真映りもいいですよね👀✨(昨年の流行語的に…) 苺インスタ映え♥️


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