Paddleboarding 🛶 Kei

I went paddleboarding last weekend nearby beach 🏝  Stand-Up Paddleboarding provides full-body workout🏄🏻‍♀️ I will recommend this to everyone who loves exercise and playing in the water, because it’s so fun and not too difficult once we learnt from instructors. A few companies offer lessons for beginners which I first took 🙏🏻 This is my second time for paddleboarding and my dog explored Lake Ontario with me 😄 We will try again at another beach this weekend if the weather is good ☀️



愛犬モコちゃんと水遊びして来ました🐺 💦もうすぐ9月になりますね。秋…早いです😱 残りわずかな夏を思いっきり楽しみましょう✨ 皆さまもフェスティバルや街情報、ぜひ私とシェアしてください🤲 ❤️


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Korean Hervest Festival :) Shoko


I went to Korean Festival at North York with Yuri who is working at TACTIQ Hair Salon which is our sister hair salon 😘

Also we went to Festival of South Asia last week! We LOVE eating ❤️❤️❤️😂 but It was very crowded ! I hate to wait in a long line 💀However, I was able to be patient 😂because I really wanted to get a grilled squid 🦑 😂

We had good time😘🌶 Unfortunately, Summer is almost over…😭 but I like fall in Toronto 🍁 What should I eat in fall?? 🤣👍🏻


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Goat Yoga 🐐 Kei

Have you heard of Goat Yoga?

I joined this yoga event a few weeks ago.

During the yoga session, baby goats came up onto our body!

They were very calm and easygoing 🙂

My dog Moco, she met goats first time🐐

They do what they wanna do so they sometimes just sat behind/beside me, trying to eat my backpack 🎒 😂


It was a very fun event!



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Sheppard salon: September schedule

Here is our schedule in August at Sheppard Salon✨


●9/4, 11, 18, 25 on Tuesday : Kei (Senior Stylist) Asuke (Senior Stylist)

●Every Sundays and Mondays : Regularly Closed

●Every Wednesdays and Thursdays : Closed.

●9/7,14,21,28 on Friday : Shoko (Senior Stylist)

●9/1, 8 ,15, 22, 29 on Saturday (From 10:00am to 6:00pm) : Shoko (Senior stylist)

Please keep in mind when you book with us🙇🏻‍♀️

Hope to see you all soon😉😘💘

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My favourite :) SHOKO

These days, I got a interesting book which is “A GEEK IN JAPAN” 🇯🇵😂 I talked about my English with my customer who is English speaker. I told her “ I want to improve my English” She said that she recommended Japanese tourism book. She said “You already know about Japan or your city (Sapporo) so you should buy Japanese book. You will be able to understand easier and then you will memorize many vocabulary” I was feeling so happy 😍💞 Unfortunately, I couldn’t find Sapporo tourism book but fortunately, I was able to find this book!

This book is awesome because we can know about Japanese everything. 🇯🇵For ex: Bow, Company rule, relation ship with coworkers and boyfriend or girlfriend 😂, Geek, our life habit, Honne and Tatemae 😂😂😂(I’m sorry but it’s still difficult for me to describe about Honne and Tatemae) etc…

If you interested in Japan, I exactly recommend this book 😘This book is wrriten real things, not stereotype ✋🏻If you read this book you will be Japanese master! 😂 

I hope I will more improve my English and memorize vocabulary! 


最近面白い本を買いました😊その名も”A GEEK IN JAPAN “ 😂 この前英語のお客様にもっと英語が上手になりたい!というお話をしていましたらお客様に日本や私の出身札幌の観光や旅行の本を英語で読むことをお勧めされました😊何故かと言いますと既に私は日本について知っているので理解が簡単にできると言うこと、読む事は単語力を増やすことに繋がると言うことでした☺️それを聞いただけでなんだかハッピーな気分になりました😂💞






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