Hello! It has been a long time since we posted last blog. How are you doing? I hope you are doing well 🙏🏻✨

There are still some restrictions and regulations due to corona virus. We are still trapped in it 😢 but our health is more important than anything else! Please take care of your self.

We are open from Wednesday to Sunday (10am to 7pm) Every Friday is more flexible! If you prefer after 6pm, we will take you.

Here is our schedule below;

🐸Asuke: ●Every Tuesday to Saturday.

                  ●Off→Sunday and Monday


                  ●11:00am-8:00pm (every Friday

** Please make an inquiry to the his Friday’s schedule.

⭐️Shoko: ●Every Wednesday to Sunday.

     ●Off→Monday and Tuesday


Please let us know which date/time work for you 😊🍀

Stay safe🙏🏻