Hello everyone,

I totally forgot to post photos from my last visit in Japan! It’s been 4 months since I came back from the trip😅 We drove to Oita prefecture in May and stopped by Usa-Jingu in Usa before going to Beppu, it was my 1st time and always I wanted to go. Yes, we have the city called USA in our province in Kyushu🤩 Usa-Jingu was founded in the 8th century and it is one of the oldest Shinto shrines in Japan. So beautiful!

My family often goes to Beppu in Oita for a family trip. Beppu is famous for hot springs.  We stayed 1 night at Ryokan (traditional Japanese hotel) called Kannawaen and my parents loved this place so much♨️ It’s about 2hrs drive from my hometown. We had nice family reunion after the 3rd year since my previous visit🥹

One of these was for my son… I ended up eating for my meal plus most of his meal as he couldn’t finish them all 🤤

Right next to the hotel, there was Umi Jigoku (Sea Hell) which is one of famous sightseeing places called Jigoku-Meguri (Hells Tour♨️). There are 7 hell sights in different area.

Individual tourists will be able to visit Japan starting October 11, so I hope more people will visit in my province this year and next year💕