Finally, terrible and beautiful winter is coming! 😨😂 I already take on downjecket 😭
I went to Toppoki restaurant last week after work with my Korean friend who told me “yupdduk” which is toppoki restaurant. It was so good and best of the Toppoki in Toronto 😨💕 We have talked about the restaurant almost a years ago 😂but we didn’t go there because it’s so far for our house 💦

We ordered Level 1 spicy 🌶 it was amazing ! It’s not too spicy and not too sweet! We added sausage as well. We couldn’t stop eating 🤣 my friend mentioned me, if you order Level 2 spicy which is really really spicy and be careful. I was kind of scary 😨so I’m not hooting order Level 2 spicy but if you tried that please tell me about the taste 😏🌶❤️