Colour Practice

We had time to practice a colour last Saturday at our sister salon TacTiQ😊 Neiro, she works for Atelier May as a assistant, has been practising to become a stylist so I was a model and she did my hair colour then👍 Shoko, she works for TacTiQ as Regular stylist, taught how to apply because my hair is already bleached and touch up for bleached hair is soooo difficult!!😱😱

We tried new bleach, which is sold by Schwartzkopf Professional. This bleach is one of a series of Blond Me. Blond Me is very very good for getting Blonde Hair👩✨
New technology is included with this bleach, and Schwartzkopf says new technology minimizes hair breakage👏👏 You don’t need to worry about hair damage by bleached😊😊

You can try this one👍💕 If you’d like to know this effect, you can come to touch my hair✌️❤️

Neiro did my colour well, I was so happy❤️❤️
Hair colouring makes your image changed and it makes you happy😍😍 Let’s try hair colour for the summer😘💕

We will study of new Blond Me colour organised by Schwartzkopf, so our business hour will be changed.
30th of August, we will open at 1:00pm and be closed at 7:00pm. Please keep in mind if you would like to come on that day🙏🙏

姉妹店のAtelier Mayでアシスタントとして勤務中のNeiroさん、日々スタイリストになるために練習中ですが、その日はわたしのリタッチカラーにチャレンジ!🙌🙌同じく姉妹店のTac-TiQでスタイリストとして勤務中のShokoさんに教えてもらいながら、むずかしーーーーいブリーチのリタッチをやってもらいました😳😳

BlondMeという、その名の通りブロンドヘアカラーに適したシリーズの、New ブリーチです‼️



8/30(Wed) はシュワルツコフプロフェッショナルの方による新Blond Meのカラー講習会がごさいます!営業時間が13:00〜19:00となりますので、どうぞご予約の際はお気を付け下さいませ🙏🙏

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Big Size✨✨ takako



This is special version Sealed Ends!! It’s twice as big as normal one😆✨
Normal one is 75ml, but bigger one is 150ml👍The price is $50 so this price is reasonable 🤔💕
You can use it before and after drying to protect your hair from damaged due to heating, aridity and UV!💆✨

This is limited edition! Have to take it!😆♥️


Reproducing from Schwarzkopf professional HP


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July schedule🗓 Sheppard

hello,happy CanadaDay🇨🇦


There is monthly schedule at Happiness Shepppard🍀

We are closed on 1st of July for Canada day! 🇨🇦 ✨

On the 8th(Sat) and 22th(Sat), business hour is different. We will be open from 10:00am to 6:30pm.

Since July, we will have a regular stylist! Regular stylist will be available from Wednesday to Saturday ✂️✂️

Please check our schedule🤗🤗

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☀June Schedule☀Wellesley

Address: 546 Yonge St. 2F., Toronto


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🍀June Schedule🍀 Sheppard

This is the monthly schedule for June 2017 at Sheppard location.

Our regular stylist TAKAKO started working at Sheppard location twice a week every Friday and Saturday from June.
Please book your appointment by E-mail or Phone call.
We open 12pm – 8:30pm
*Saturday June 10,24 will be open 10:00am – 6:30pm.*
*Sundays,Mondays are closed*


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✂️Regular Stylist✂️


Hi! 👋 Nice to meet you🤗 I am Takako, I will be new Regular Stylist ✂️✂️ I have worked at our sister salon TacTiQ, but I will work at HairHappiness Shepppard with Asuke from July🍀 Hope to see you soon🙏💕


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✨✨👨🏻Happy Father’s Day 👨🏻✨✨

サロンのご近所にクレープ屋さんがオープンしたので行ってみました🙂 私は写真左のブルーベリーNYチーズケーキに🎵 おいしかった♡
There was a new crepe shop opened nearby our salon🙂 I had Blueberry NY Cheesecake 🎵 Yummy♡

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