Hi 👋 I really appreciate that new customers came to our salon last month by seeing my blog🙏💕 Thank you so much☺️ Everyone said “This pouch includes shampoo, treatment and leave-in-conditioner make me happy😍😍” and I’m also happy to hear that☺️✨

From October, I will offer new campaign👏❤️ You can get in-salon treatment service for FREE👍 Yoy can try “Fibre Plex N°2 Bond Sealer Treatment”✨✨

Fibre Plex is very popular in all over the world now.
Fibre Plex N°2 Bond Sealer Treatment creates new bonds within the hair fibre and seals the outer hair surface for noticeable strength, suppleness and shine. And also, balances pH level to perfectly lock in colour pigments for long-lasting colour protection.
(Quoted From Schwartzkopf Professional Website)

・only new customers
・book for colour or perm service with takako
・mention of “takako campaign”

If you are returning customer but interested in this treatment, please feel free to contact me💁💕

I’m looking forward do seeing you all🙏🍀🍀


10月からはなんと、”ファイバープレックス N°2 ボンドシーラー” トリートメント施術をサービスさせて頂きます👏👏
ファイバープレックスは日本では最近上陸したばかりの新しいトリートメントです!詳しくはこちら💁シュワルツコフプロフェッショナル ウェブサイト