New Year Party 🎉

How was your long weekend?🤗 Every year, we have company’s new year party in February☺️ Every staffs are gathered from AtelierMay, Hair Happiness and TacTiQ😊🧡 This year, we had it on Family Day🙌✨ This party took place at Kingyo🐟💓 We had a good time with great lunches 🙏🙏 If you never been there, you must try Kingyo!👍⭐️ They have delicious fishes and meats😋😋
By the way, our boss was absence because of cold😷😷 Take care of yourself and wash your hands every one☝️💦

Kingyo Izakaya 金魚


毎年、二月は会社恒例の新年会があります!AtelierMay、Hair HappinessそしてTacTiQの店舗スタッフが全員集まります😊😊