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November 2022
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☂️Dalgona Challenge⭕️🔺🔲

Hello! This is Shoko 😃 How have you been? It’s almost winter but today is a bit warm🤩

Have you watched “Squid game” on Netflix? Maybe, some or many? customers watched it? because that drama is super popular all over the world! People do childhood games in the drama such as red light and green light and so on. A Korean hotdog restaurant in Toronto started one of the game which name is Dalgona challenge ⭕️🔺🔲 Have you heard about that? You need to extract umbrella or Elephant from the baked toffee. If you extract properly you can get free food from the restaurant 😍

The restaurant is very close to our salon so you can go there after or before your hair done 😘

We tried elephant and umbrella twice, but we failed lol. I was almost there😥We ended up paying those food because anyway we were hungry 🤤 lol.

If you are interested in it I would recommend you to watch the drama first and then you should go there. It well be more fun! But if you don’t like gory or violent drama you shouldn’t watch it😱 it was quite shocking drama but really interesting! 🤯❤️ if you have favourite K-drama please let me know when you come to the salon💕


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🐮㊗️Holiday season schedule㊗️🐮

Hello everyone! How are you doing? We hope everyone is doing well🍀Do you have any plans for holiday season? For rest of the year, we should enjoy ourselves to the full!😍

Here is our holiday season schedule below😉⬇️

🖤Holiday season schedule🖤

12/24 10am-5pm

12/25 Closed

12/26 10am-5pm

12/31 10am-5pm

01/01 Closed

Every Monday Closed

Asuke: 01/01-01/06 Off

Shoko: 12/27-01/01 Off

Kei: 12/25-01/06 Off (🗣 some available slots only by pre-booking 12/21-12/24, and 31. Please contact Kei directly by email.)

Wishing you endless happiness and smiles🍀💛😘

Cheers to 2022!🎊🐮

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Fall Foliage🍂🍁

I went out for a walk to Brick Works last weekend🚶🏻‍♀️I didn’t wanna miss to see colourful leaves 🍁 We have lots of rainy days recently so I’m glad that I could see before they all fall down😃 I love to share some photos with you🍂 (sorry if the colour may be hard to see from these pictures🙏💦)

Happy Halloween weekend if you do trick or treat 🎃👻🍬🍫



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Hello everyone, I totally forgot to post photos from my last visit in Japan! It’s been 4 months since I came back from the trip😅 We drove to Oita prefecture in May and stopped by Usa-Jingu in Usa before going…

We are closed today, July 1 (Fri) for Canada Day. Please contact us by email or book through online appointment request form. We won’t be able to answer phone calls today📞 We will open tomorrow, July 2 (Sat) from 10am….

Hi! Happy Lunar New Year🐯 This is Kei😃 I hope everyone stays warm in cold and snowy weather⛄️💕 It’s already February but we still have a few more winter months. I can’t wait for Spring🌼 I’m planning to take time…


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