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January 2022
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Curb-side pick up🍀

Hello Toronto!!

I know it’s tough for everyone but We hope to see you all real soon! Here are some special deals for you. Please consider these deals, and kindly support our business🙏

We are offering amazing products. I think they are good for yourself or as a gift just to make someone happy!

📣If you live in the Toronto Annex area, we can deliver for free if you purchase over $100.

📣If you have no idea which products you are sure of, we can do a FaceTime consultation for you. Please feel free to contact us!

📣Curb side pick up:
Every Friday from 11am-2pm at the Salon.
**by appointment only.

✨Special Voucher Deals ✨
You can purchase products and receive hair service vouchers that comes with a 6 month expiry date for your next visit.
・$50- ($5 Voucher)
・$60- ($10 Voucher)
・$80- ($15 Voucher)
・$100-($20 Voucher)
Ex) If you purchased products of $50(before tax) you can receive a $5 Voucher and you can use it for our hair services.

✨Products Deals✨

•Flex Wax $25
•Rock Hard $25
•Play Tough $25
•Grip $25
•Osis Session Label/Powder Cloud (8g) $25
•Session (S) $25
•Session (L) $35
•Freeze (S) $25
•Freeze (L) $35
•Sealed Ends $30
•Repair Rescue Shampoo (250ml)$20
•Repair Rescue Conditioner (200ml)$20
•Repair Rescue Treatment (200ml)$35
•Repair Rescue Shampoo (500ml)$40
•Repair Rescue Shampoo (1000ml)$80
•Repair Rescue Conditioner (1000ml)$80
•Colour Conditioner (200ml) $20
•Moisture Kick SH (250ml) $20
•Moisture Kick SH (500ml) $40
•Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner (200ml) $20
•Moisture Kick Balm (150ml) $30
•BC miracle (100ml) $40
•Blond Me shampoo (1000ml) $90
•Blond Me Treatment (500ml) $50
•Blond Me Keratin Restore (150ml) $30
•Blond Me Nourishing conditioner (200ml) $20
•Blond Me Purple Splay (150ml) $25
•GBY (300ml) $30
•GBY (1000ml) $90
•Topazos Treatment (200ml) $40
•Time Restore Rejuvenate Spray (200ml) $25

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🍀Dear customers🍀

Hello, How are you getting along? I hope you are doing🙏🏻

We are still fighting against this situation. Everything is not easy for everyone.

Unfortunately, we will still continue to be temporarily closed until end of February. We will update our new schedule on blog, IG and FB after we get announcement.

Please stay safe and warm. We look forward to seeing you soon 🙏🏻

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🆕🍀Regarding our schedule🍀

Hello everyone!📣

How have you been? We hope you are doing well🙏🏻🍀

We still get involved in this tough situation throughout the year so it’s not easy everything for everyone.

Moreover, we will still continue to be temporarily closed from December 26th for 28days or further notice, which will be tighter restrictions and it seems like we will be back to the first lockdown, sadly.

However, we can continue to consult for hair done by online, and curbside shopping is available. If you have any questions, please feel free to message us anytime. We also take your temporary appointment in end of January. It might reschedule due to extension of the lockdown.

🍀Online consultation→ We will accept it from this website, FB or Instagram.

🍀Curbside shopping→ Every Friday only from 11:00-2:00pm. It will not be available on December. We will restart from January. ✉️Appointment only. Please message us anytime (website, FB or IG)

There are already many restrictions all over the world. We hope you will have a happy holiday and stay safe💖💛💜💚

We look forward to meeting you next year 💚

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Hello! This is Shoko 😃 How have you been? It’s almost winter but today is a bit warm🤩 Have you watched “Squid game” on Netflix? Maybe, some or many? customers watched it? because that drama is super popular all over the…

Hello everyone! How are you doing? We hope everyone is doing well🍀Do you have any plans for holiday season? For rest of the year, we should enjoy ourselves to the full!😍 Here is our holiday season schedule below😉⬇️ 🖤Holiday season…

I went out for a walk to Brick Works last weekend🚶🏻‍♀️I didn’t wanna miss to see colourful leaves 🍁 We have lots of rainy days recently so I’m glad that I could see before they all fall down😃 I love to share some…


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