I tried Fibre Plex No2 treatment💆✨ This treatment can be tried as special deal if new customers book with me for colour or perm👍❤️

I would like to know an effect of that treatment and I tried it🤔✨

This is the photo taken couple of weeks before I got treatment👇

I used BlondMe Bleach included Fibre Plex which is much better for our hair condition☺️ But I got bleached many times maybe more than six times… So my hair became not able to endure bleaching like before although I used Fibre Plex Bleach…😅💦Recently some parts of my hair has become frizzy because of a dry weather‼️😭

However, after that treatment, my hair could be repaired👏👏💕
Here is the photo we took soon after the treatment💆✨

It looks very different than before😳👏 I feel my hair silky and sleek now😭👍✨

This special deal is available for only new customers booking with takako for colour or perm☺️❤️
If you are interested in this, please feel free to contact us😉💛

We will be closed at 6:30pm tomorrow because of staff meetings but we still have some available spots afternoon👍 Let us know if you would like to book😉💕


噂のファイバープレックス トリートメント、試してみました✌️💕