I would like to inform you about Shikoku little by little from now on💕
Because Shikoku isn’t so famous in Toronto as well as Japan😭😭 I will try to be a Shikoku Island Tourism Ambassador💪😤✨lol

First of all, Shikoku is written in Kanji as “四国”.
“四” means “four” and “国” means “prefecture” or sometimes “country”😊
Shikoku has four prefectures so it’s called “Shikoku”✌️

Talking of Shikoku, Shikoku Pilgrimage is so famous‼️
Monk Kukai built 88 temples in Shokoku about 1200 years ago… Long time ago, Shikoku Pilgrimage is considered as important Buddhism practice, however, recently it’s getting to be tourism☺️✨ But it still give us good opportunities to face, rethink and chang ourselves🤔🤔

My little hometown has one of 88 temples and my grandma has seen foreign tourists😳‼️ She can’t speak English at all but she had good communication with them and she was very happy to have met them and more and more tourists is visiting Shikoku from all over the world🤝💕

You can enjoy beautiful landscapes and good food during Pilgrimage👍❤️

These photos are taken by my sis😍 And these are photos that the temple; Byodo-ji (平等寺) is in my hometown‼️


Please check these websites too🙏 You can get more details☺️💕

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