Hi👋🏻 This is Shoko!

Thank you for letting me go on vacation 🙇🏻‍♀️✨ I went back to my hometown which is Japan, Hokkaido, Sapporo 🇯🇵 Of course, I saw my family, friends and ex coworkers. When I arrived at Sapporo, I was very happy and I was ready to cry😭😂 My mom was waiting for me at home. She made Japanese side dishes for me 😭💕after that I went to SAPPORO BEER MUSEUM with my friend. I was having real fresh Sapporo beer!🍺 It was really awesome and cool😎

I went to some Japanese Izakaya, Japanese BBQ restaurants and Sushi restaurants 😍❤ Especially, my favourite food is SUSHI 🍣💕which was really really good!!!! because seafood is very famous in Hokkaido 🐟✨I was having JAPANESE SAKE while I was eating seafoods😘🤣🍶I will never forgotten this vacation😊✨

実家に帰ると母が日本のおかずやお魚を焼いて待っていてくれてとても嬉しかったです😭❤その後すぐに昔の職場仲間と一緒に札幌ビール園に行きました!(実は実家から徒歩10分の場所にあるのです🤣) 色々な新鮮な札幌ビールを堪能し帰国早々幸せ気分です✨