Hello everyone!こんにちは😃

Summer is almost over but it’s still very hot!厳しい残暑が続きますねー😵

I hope everyone are ok with this hot humid weather.どうかお体に気を付けてくださいね💪


Guess what it is. さて本題です(笑)

I had the best Tempura at Roppongi last month.なな何とわたくし先日(祝)🎉ギロッポンで天ぷらデビュー致しました😎

One of my client couple took me to go there!いつもお世話になっているお客様ご夫婦に連れて行って頂きました🙏😩🙏

It was absolutely fantastic place and brilliant dinner we had.私の人生でいままで(多分これからも、もしかしたらあるかもw)経験した事ないような場所で、一流シェフの料理を頂いてきました🙏☺️


We had about 15 to 20 tempura.😋 I like Japanese Sake but we drink white wine this time. It was so good!


I didn’t want to back to real life😩